Breakup with Online Dating

I do this periodically. I clear my plate, Get my head out of my ‘privates’ and settle back into a more sedate womanlife.

This time, I’ve cleared the plate all the way back.  That guy I’ve been texting with for over a year? … I met him on Tuesdays for a few months, remember? We never stopped texting entirely, but I was starting to feel yucky about it.  So its gone. Goodbye SteeringWheelEd. Sweet Ed.

The only one I’ve kept has become a good friend, and there is no way I’m getting rid of him.

But now I have time for the things I’ve been avoiding. and I do not want to face them.

Resistance, baby.  Feel the bricks in the wall. not very cozy, are they?

And its summer, when I am half-naked and sex-brained. and so I dilly and dally and keep on writing long after I’ve said anything interesting.



person in black hoodie riding swing while raining
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com



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