Sidenotes critical.

Today i am in bed. literally, and not in any fun way.

sidenote: i’ve been wondering if i was pregnant. yes.  i haven’t had sex in a while. i have an iud. the man i have sex with has had a vasectomy.  i have still wondered. i had sore boobs, i have heartburn, which i only have when pregnant, and i’m fat.  the other thought was that i was having all these symptoms to get ready to rocket me into menopause.



totally kidneypain. its a UTI, but in me, it shows up as kidney pain and sweats and i skip right over anything involving pee. and so i’m lying down, after taking my antibiotic in the cvs driveway without even having signed my paper. the lady with the crossed eye was not pleased.

sidenote: i know why i got it.  i do. i’ve eaten at least three packages of full-on candy this week.  and i mean the tjmaxx pick-it-up-at-checkout variety of deliciousness. and then, swedish fish but the cheap version for 99 cents… my body is freaking overloaded. self-care, right? goddamn.

and now i am laid out.

sidenote: i did buy an office chair after being at urgent care this morning. its still in its box in the car, but its here. and probably i’ll survive to put it together.


SELF CARE, why are you such an elusive bitch?

and so damn vindictive!

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Good Goddamn. I am 44 years old and this is still something that I struggle with.  I have had kids for the past 13 years, and my youngest is about to be 6… no longer do i have the excuse of toddler or nurser to explain why i can’t seem to get out of my own way to do something long term or loving for myself.

the writing thing is a step towards that, but i am curious about how much of it is driven by the need to be an available parent to my kids… i think its driven by ‘self’ but i’m really certain its a mixed bag.

whats been going on lately is this big and gigantic exposure to a world i don’t know anything about.  and i’m not talking about the rope-stuff that my last dating friend shared with me. at all. don’t make me. (but i’ll whisper it to you later if you want… )

all this tech stuff, this make-an-office-stuff, this hustle for some bucks stuff… every single step of it is new… and i’m becoming more and more aware that i need to be stronger and stronger to handle it… i’m spinning… and i need to be more aware of where my feet are placed. . .

so these things:  i need new glasses.  i’ve needed a new prescription for months. MONTHS (which is a great word to say out loud, just so you know… slowly)  but i haven’t made the call… WHY?


and in this office of mine, i’m crunching my back in a dining chair that i love, but that has no place in any office where typing takes place. none.

so this morning is my second day of headache and my first day with a really painful back… so much so that i was up in the night researching kidney infections… yes, yes i was.

it just blows my mind that i rate so low on my priority list that where i sit to do all this work, and my very vision! is something that only occurs to me once the body utterly smacks me around.

its crazy, and more care of myself is necessary to the survival of my gig, my kids being a central part of that.

SO WHAT GIVES?! Why is it so hard?? ? ?

have you found yourself there? have you solved it?


sidenote: i made another youtube video today… talking about this but ending in the same place as always… HERES THE VIDEO



right between the eyes.

my head hurts. right there, between my eyes, but sort of off to the right… my teeth hurt, i feel the headache in front of my ears.
all this, you say, all this? yes.

i’m squinting at the screen. i think the font has changed. but i’m squinting, so who the hell knows? (the font had changed… i was typing in the html view). dang.

this blog now has tracking, analytics, an email optin for a newsletter that i hope i write sometime… i’m not entirely sure everything is connected to the right things. its a switchboard nightmare…

although, what am i going to say? a newsletter? anyone want that? really? you dig? i say it here, whatever i’ve got, i drop it here, like steaming….

i don’t really want to sell anything… i’m getting stretched out. pinched.

sand in the eyes.

i’m not in a dire situation. i’ve eaten too much sugar and i want to fight someone while i sleep. a satisfying kick-ass dream, where, yet again… i don’t get hit. .

i’ve picked the slate back up again, y’all, back on the online dating scene.

mostly for kicks, to be less bored with my time-stretching weekends…
and right now i’m chatting with a guy in california.

i’m no dummy. california is not going to happen. but i’m mostly convinced that he isn’t who he says he is… should be fluent in english but he says he’s from texas and he spelled Houston wrong…. i can’t wait to see what happens….
if he asks me to fly him here I’ll blog it live. i swear.

i didn’t really intend to pick up the slate. i posted a photo of myself on instagram and tagged it #singlemom and guess what? i got at least 5 messages on instagram. who knew that was a thing? men trolling single moms??

yeah, why would that be a problem?

meh. my eyebrows are hurting. the switchboard tentacles have won for the day…


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save me popeye….

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Messing About

….and making a mess..

one of the things i’m trying to do is make this place a more ‘bonified’ site. which of course is ridiculous as i have less than 30 readers currently. ! but i love my 30 readers so i’ve got to apologize for any whack that comes through in the meantime.

an empty shop, new analytics programs, ads, twitter, the national political game…oh my gawd, blaghblah… all things i’m trying to add in to my worldview and i am currently in the overwhelmed-by-change stage of my Monday morning.  hopefully the words will still come through all the streamers hanging from the ceiling… I’m just not at all sure that all the things are connected and i really need a goddamned mentor who can tell me what the hell is going on.

because i no longer know.

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its not that unfamiliar a place for me, frankly.  right? i mean, certainly politically the past few years have been pretty damn volatile, and the whole world is off kilter, somehow.

people are mean, and small, and i don’t think i’ve ever settled on that as firmly as i am today.

but i’m curious about tomorrow. and November.

and i wonder if all this will be old-hat for me at some point.

there is this sense of arrival that i’m waiting for… not yet, not yet, the wind is whispering…

my curiosity is piqued… my overwhelm is high, but i’m hanging in…



hang in there, all of us…

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Venturing into YOUTUBE

OH my god, you guys. this was hysterical, and mostly because i had to do that schpiel like four times, because first i used my laptop camera, which, evidently, doesn’t share to anywhere. so, second go… dog barks, in my face, halfway through. third go, its on instagram but i don’t really want it on instagram… and number four, Phone.

is that not amazing? that my lil’ bitty phone is the most reliable and easy to use of all the tech i am surrounded by? i think its amazing.  maybe even a little daunting, and i should probably treat it better.

anyways, here it is… my very first youtube video…