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I’m working on this, to sell off whats in my closet, to make a little cash… to show you what I find at thrift… I think everything will be $15, shipping on top… but we’ll see… Its already quite a learning curve, and I don’t think it will be especially lucrative.  I sent out a dress this week that cost more to send than it did to buy, and I dipped below cost in order to send it. AYI..YI.

What I’d most love is to buy clothes for my friends.  Really.  I want you to message me and tell me your sizes and I’ll go browsing thrift.  Its an imperfect science and if I find something, it might take a little time…

I’ll ask you some questions and go shopping for you!!

Let’s do it…email me at

otherwise, find me at Instagram @shopunwifed … see you there!


Today’s Deleriously Colorwild Find? Yes, actually in my closet.


Best Vintage Clutch EVER

Vintage canvas and 'leather'ish clutch. All the primary colors and black and pink! Deleriously colorful, and the perfect size. $15 plus $4 shipping. LOVE IT!




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