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I’m working on this, to sell off whats in my closet, to make a little cash… to show you what I find at thrift… I think everything will be $15, shipping on top…

What I’d most love is to buy clothes for my friends.  Really.  I want you to message me and tell me your sizes and I’ll go browsing thrift.  Its an imperfect science and if I find something, it might take a little time…

I’ll ask you some questions and go shopping for you!!

Let’s do it…email me at

otherwise, find me at Instagram @unwifedmotherexpletive… see you there!


Whoopah! Dresses!! 



Boden Dress

Size 10 Lightweight #Boden Dress Size 10, So BEAUTIFUL! those colors. plenty of stretch and give, nice light-weight fabric, and again... COLORRRRR!!






GOGO GIRL DRESS!! oh yes. it is…

tall white boots ...can you imagine? Medium, complete polyester stretch... feels so good, flowy and drapey... $19 total



Leave me your words! thoughts! sweat, blood, and tears not really needed but okay, if you want... :)

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